Cloud Eight Sessions

by Anomalie & The Speakeasy Earth

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released August 31, 2010

All music, lyrics, production & mixing by Emilie Corpuz
©℗ 2010 Anomalie & the Speakeasy Earth



all rights reserved


Anomalie & The Speakeasy Earth Los Angeles, California

Anomalie & The Speakeasy Earth is the solo project of Los Angeles artist Emilie Corpuz, a female multi-instrumentalist who writes, performs, produces and records her music.

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Track Name: Habits To The Cure
She’d let his hand graze on her skin
Temptation at its best
They could lay there as clouds do on skies
Simply floating to take shape or quickly disappear
In this world are they merely on high?

Were they lovers nothing more?
Or were they habits to the cure?

Could this be enough to have all of our worries gone?
If not for a moment of your time, it was for mine.

He'd let her wonder about how things weren't very clear
And the days they would faintly go by
til one day the routine was much too insincere
a thing on which they couldn't rely

Was the ending premature?
Or are they better off alone?
Track Name: Far Past The Point
Our heart is on guard with every whim we partake in
Pulses acquire a skipping beat
Could timing be right or out of sync with the notion
Life’s a surprise, we’ll never really know whether it’s good
So easily swayed by the slightest of interventions
Lust by our laurels has yet to leap
We’d love to let go if we could just keep from falling
Far past the point of little or no return

Oh so far past the point, so let go, so let’s go away
Lead the way
Should we be this care free?

We’d love to let go, but we’re far past the point so let’s go away
Track Name: Move On
This world is crumbling around us
but our heads are in the clouds
this view from here is lovely
but when will we fall down

An extension of our little dream this is not real
Is it foolish for us to believe we could float here?
Should have known all along by the length of your arm
it wouldn't last more than it did
for a while there I though that the sky would turn dark
and in the morning you'd appear
But now it's clear to move on

This world's not crumbling around me
and my feet are on the ground
I walk more than I stumble
but the fear down here's not as bad

We were stalled there up high with a choice to fly or land in the trees
Didn't take you too long to decide and risk the chance for debris
I think I would've tried to steer the plane for a while
but at least we're both still here
And if we're worlds apart it's much easier for me to take in this atmosphere
for now it's clear to move on
Track Name: The Rules
It’s not cheating if no one explains the rules
What needs to be defined before the next move?
And once we know does it become the end of game?
Do we start over again, should we start over again?

Or am I being played like an instrument of shame?

Should’ve known that it was too good to be true
I’m a creature of habit, I’ve ignored all the clues
And next time I indulge in a little bit of sin
I’ll remember there is such a thing as too much of a good thing

And am I being played like an instrument of shame?
Shame on me

If I get out of line sometimes
I know that it’s not cheating if no one explains the rules