Winter Room Sessions

by Anomalie & The Speakeasy Earth

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released January 31, 2011

All music, lyrics, production & mixing by Emilie Corpuz
Lead Vocal Engineering by Kenny Segal
Mastering by Stephanie Villa



all rights reserved


Anomalie & The Speakeasy Earth Los Angeles, California

Anomalie & The Speakeasy Earth is the solo project of Los Angeles artist Emilie Corpuz, a female multi-instrumentalist who writes, performs, produces and records her music.

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Track Name: Do We Go or Do We Dare
We could only stay for a minute more
The sun was going down and it’s getting cold
Even if it’s always sunny I am sure
That wind chill’s gonna make us shiver

Didn’t want to leave outside
But the weather has been telling me it’s fine
Soon those instincts will collide
Do we go or do we dare test the limits that our bodies can bear
And it is freezing here, can’t you tell?

Am I just a fool waiting for a love?
Just how many days til there’s only one?
Patience was so subtle in its own disguise
But haste felt so much better at the time

Those little fights, those wrongs or rights, they had us crossing every line
It’s our own skin we’re questioning after each failed relationship
It wasn’t love just another two people trying to hold on
But all we know was devotion was far too weak but still
We could pretend we…
Track Name: All Tomorrows Deals
And so I’m sure of something
If something were belief in endless time
It feels like pining
For one little peer through the cracking sky

We were told to hide and stay until the morning light

Say all tomorrows deals are done
We could look forward to a day of no obligations
Say all tomorrows deals are done
There’d be nothing left holding me back here from going on

And still some are stoic
There was no sign of an expression
But still we feel without knowing
Why it is we’re here under the sun

Should we really try and finish everything on time?

Say all tomorrows deals are done
Track Name: Catastrophe's Not Calling
Who said “ Am I Alone?”
I say “Don’t be scared, it’s not only you fearing that same thing that we all feel.
Cause we all know that times can fall hard
And a lack of composure seems to be just what, just what we all want”

And if your hearts beating too slow
That’s the time to make a move
Those who fall out of a love
Still find it hard to believe that they’re not the only one

Let’s stop pretending it’s “the World vs You”
Catastrophe’s not calling though you thought it would
You’ll be just fine, if it’s meant to be then you’ll know

Who said, “When does time heal?”
I say “I’m not sure, cause it changes for everyone in its very own different accord.
We could assume the end has a start
But it’s the minutes between we wonder just where it all started to go wrong”
And if your heart turns into stone
That’s the time to let it go
How could we possibly grow if we’re busy cursing the sky for all those problems out of our control?
Track Name: Trading Things
Once we’ve been watered
Do we care to grow
These leaves can’t carry heavy hearts like branches could
Sighed one too many
I’d stay bare if I could
Those roots are sinking deep and it’s too late for us to move

Boy if we had money, could we afford to be free?
All those debts would be paid off
For now we’ll be questioning how much longer til we’ve had enough

Should we face fear or leave?
If not armored are we weak?
Suddenly we’ve been chained here down to the ground
By our own surroundings-
Still I wouldn’t trade a thing

We’ve been so careless, swimming in gray
That’s just our favorite color during this time of day
We’ll scream out later when no one is around
Those living wages become everything you start to doubt

Cause they’ll keep you guessing
Til you start to believe you’re always in the wrong
Those unsettled matters tend to be mishandled but at who’s fault